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Desk dividers have proven to be a necessary tool in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. That’s why it’s important to ensure your office, retail or corporate environment is implementing the correct desk partitions and office dividers to give your patrons and staff peace of mind that they’re health and wellbeing are being prioritised. 

As we’ve explored previously, in open-plan office spaces, desk dividers and office dividers are ideal for giving staff privacy, preventing the spread of germs, reconfiguring your office space and reducing office distractions.  

Desk partitions and office dividers aren’t created equally. At Sylex Ergonomics, we stock a wide range of desk dividers and desk partitions to ensure you’re selecting the most effective and practical solutions for your workplace.  

Let’s break down the most effective desk dividers for some common working environments to ensure you can continue your work, without compromising communication or productivity. 




Desk dividers for collaborative work environments 

We understand how important it is to be able to maintain communication, particularly in meetings. But, with increased anxiety surrounding the spread of germs it can become uncomfortable to maintain these communications without the assistance of desk dividers.  

In environments where group collaboration is a big part of the work day, desk dividers like the 4-Way Acrylic Divider are effective in dividing a meeting table or board table into individual cubicles to ensure all team members can effectively communicate with a reduced risk of disease transmission. 


Desk dividers for individual office work 

In work environments where staff are expected to work individually on shared desks, desk dividers like the Interdesk Acrylic Screens are effective in dividing desk space to ensure there is ample distance between staff. 

For individual desks, Ice Screens desk partitions can allow staff to section off their desks with a translucent screen, to give them more privacy. If you’re working in an open-place office space, these screens that surround your desk allow you to create staff cubicles to remove distractions.  

To completely divide shared desks and ensure staff have their own designated workspace, installing Desktop E Screens will provide visual barriers and pinnable surfaces. This creates a functional workspace that can be installed on individual desks or shared desks to maximise space and efficiency. 


Desk dividers for face-to-face interactions 

Whether you’re consulting with clients or conducting an appointment, implementing a physical barrier between you and your client, patient or patrons will help them feel more comfortable about conducting business with you. 

The Lookout Sneezeguards are most effective in businesses that require this kind of face-to-face communication and limited physical interaction, including doctor’s surgeries, banks, nail technicians and retailers. With a small window cut-out, these desk dividers provide a physical barrier between two people, but still enable both members to interact with limited contact when necessary. 

Open plan office spaces  

If your office falls into the ‘open plan’ category, then office partitions can help you maximise the space in your office. Office dividers like the Great Divider or the E-Screen Floor Partition allow you to install temporary walls to create rooms, offices and cubicles.  

Since these screens also provide acoustic and visual barriers, office dividers not only allow you to give staff privacy and prevent the spread of germs, but they but also remove distractions and improve staff productivity.  

So, whether you need to cater for more staff or adapt to reduced staff, these temporary office dividers can allow you to continue changing the layout of your office space as your needs change.  


Sylex Ergonomics stock a wide range of desk partitions and office partitions to help you create a work environment that staff can work comfortable, effectively and productively. 

Contact our team of specialists to help you select the right office and desk dividers for your work environment.  

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