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Here’s why you should invest in genuine ergonomic office furniture: 

  • Reduce ongoing pain and discomfort on your team 
  • Optimise workstations and improve productivity 
  • Increase focus and concentration and lift quality of output 
  • Increase engagement, which in turn will lead to innovation and new ideas. 


Overtime, the physical strain of cheap, standard office furniture can cause serious and permanent damage to your staff’s hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and back. Consistent exposure to poor ergonomics can cause tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic back pain.  

Poor office ergonomics doesn’t just have physical ramifications eitherWhilst you may not notice the effects of poor ergonomics immediatelystudies have proven that employees attribute poor ergonomic office furniture and office design to between 20 – 80 percent of impaired work performance. 

Ergonomics is about your employees doing their job safely, comfortably and efficiently. So, if you’re not investing in genuine, ergonomic office furniture, you’re limiting one of the most fundamental aspects of your business’s performance. 

So, let’s take a deeper look at how investing in ergonomic office furniture can benefit your business: 


1. Increased Productivity 

Studies have shown that there is a direct link between ergonomics and productivity in the workplace. In fact, improving office ergonomics saw a 25% increase in productivity levels.  

Ergonomic office furniture that tailors to your staff’s individual requirements is critical in creating a work environment that best facilitates higher productivity ratesEmployees who are comfortable demonstrate improved levels of concentration, boosting productivity and efficiency. 


2. Improved quality of work 

By preventing physical exhaustion and pain, ergonomic office furniture enables employees to stay focused and on task which assists them in making fewer mistakes 

A reduced level of fatigue and ergonomic stress means that ergonomic office furniture contributes to improved awareness and attention to detail. 

3. Reduce costs 

In Australia, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) account for most workers’ compensation claims, with the cost of a claim averaging $32,774. 

The upfront costs of ergonomic office furniture are a small price to pay for prolonged ergonomic support and the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. 

A study from The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries revealed that improved office ergonomics contributed to a 75% reduction in lost workdays, 53% reduction in restricted days, 58% reduction in absenteeism. 

It’s pretty simple – reduce exposure and improve outputs  

4. Increased innovation and new ideas 

Ergonomic office furniture keeps employees comfortable, and therefore engaged.  

When people are productive and engaged they feel positive, which in turns leads to fresh solutions. This new level of inspiration can encourage new and innovative ideas that could transform the operations of your business. 

5Improve Staff Wellbeing 

By providing a safe working environment for your staff, investing in ergonomic office furniture can also improve the overall culture and wellbeing of your staff and work community.  

Additionally, when you combine the physical benefits of ergonomic office furniture, you’ll be leading a team of inspired, positive, engaged and focused individuals who are eager to complete their assigned tasks. 

Ergonomic office furniture is critical in creating a work environment that enables staff to work productively, efficiently and comfortably and free or ergonomic hazards.  

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