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Buying the right visitor chair for your workplace: Things to consider before buying visitor chairs.


First impressions matter. That’s why it’s important to have ergonomic visitor chairs in your waiting room or reception to provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for your clients, guests and potential customers. 

Since the reception area is the first place your guests visit, it has a direct relationship with the experience and perceptions your clients make of your business. So, it’s time you upgrade your reception to help ensure your customer has a positive experience with your company. 

Whilst there are a range of factors that contribute to creating a positive customer experience, we’ll be looking at one of the most prominent elements of a reception area – the reception chairs. Why? Because it directly impacts the comfort and wellbeing of your clients. 

Choosing the right visitor chair for your business is important in keeping your current and potential customers happy, whilst enabling them to perceive your business as positivewelcoming, and professional from the get-go. 

When you’re shopping around for visitor chairs, there are a few things to consider: 

  • Are your visitor chairs comfortable? 
  • Will your visitor chair fit your space? 
  • Can your visitor chair keep up with your business 
  • Does your visitor chair match your business’ brand? 


Are your visitor chairs comfortable? 

A comfortable customer is a happy customer. Ergonomics tells us that ergonomic discomfort has a direct correlation with irritability, dissatisfaction and decreased mood. These are not things you want your potential clients experiencing immediately after interacting with your business. 

By providing comfortable and ergonomic visitor chairs in your reception area, you can prevent these feelings that negatively impact how potential clients perceive your company. 

Reception chairs with additional foam padding on the seat, lumbar support or arm rests, like the Trice visitor chair, provides clients with a comfortable seating option to keep them relaxed and comfortable whilst they patiently wait to be seen 


Does your visitor chair match your business’ brand?  

Would you trust a car dealership that uses flimsy, plastic visitor chairs? Probably not. The visitor chair you invest in needs to match the aesthetic and brand of your business.  

If you’re trying to appear professional and trustworthy, then your visitor chair needs to reflect that. A reception chair like Stretto Visitor Chair features an executive style that makes it ideal for businesses where trust matters – like a car dealership.   

Some visitor chairs simply look out of place and unprofessional when they’re not selected based on the businesses brand. A library with plastic visitor chairs isn’t as trustworthy as a library that has lounge-style visitor chairs like the Domino Module seats. 

Remember, the reception area is where first impressions take place, so using the right visitor chairs immediately tells the guests how the business should be perceived – so it shouldn’t be overlooked. 


Can your visitor chair keep up with your business? 

The visitor chairs you use in your reception need to accommodate for the demands of your workplace. The visitor chairs used in medical centres, will vary to the visitor chairs used in banks because the types of clients they’re dealing with have very differing needs. 

For those environments that require frequent cleaning like medical centres or salon services, the reception chair you invest in should be nonporous or self-cleaning, like the Florey Antibacterial Medical Chair, to ensure that you can easily and effectively clean your visitor chairs at the end of each day.  

Similarly, businesses who prioritise the customer experience, like banks or corporate offices should invest in cushioned receptions chairs to maximise comfort. 

Ensuring that your visitor chairs can withstand the physical demands of your business will not only improve the longevity of your receptions chairs, but ensures that they can be easily maintained. 


This puts a lot of pressure on businesses to ensure they’re making the right first impression. But there’s no need to panic! With over 45 years in ergonomic office furniture, Sylex Ergonomics can help you pick the right visitor chair for your business. 

Contact our specialist team today or explore our range of reception and visitor chairs.

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