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f your boss hasn’t already ordered you back to work, you may be considering whether to return to the office for yourself – but should you?  

If your employer has given you the choice to continue working from home, should you take them up on their offer? Here are a few things to consider before returning to the office full time. 


Are there workplace infection control aids in your office? 

Workplaces have a new precedent to meet for the way in which health and hygiene is to be practised in the office. This means, they must make a conscious effort to implement workplace infection control measures in the workplace to reassure staff and visitors that they’re taking all the necessary precautions to provide a safe and healthy work environment. 

Employers should reorganise their office layout to facilitate physical distancing. If your employer doesn’t know how to do this, Sylex Ergonomics offers no-cost, obligation-free advice to help you lay out your work environment to maximise spaceproductivity and keep business following the physical distancing requirement. Since physical distancing isn’t possible in all office spacesinstalling acrylic screens, desk dividers and office partitions are an effective physical barrier to reduce contact between staff, without compromising communication.  

We’ve heard it before, but the first step to reducing the spread of diseases is to practice good personal hygiene. The Australian Government Department of Health provided a guideline on maintaining a healthy workplace that your employer should follow. They should also supply sanitisation stations to ensure all staff can upkeep their personal hygiene. For more specialised workplace infection control aids, visit New Workplace. 

You should feel safe when you return to the office. By ensuring that these workplace infection control measures are in place, employers are not only helping reduce the spread of infections and diseases, but they’re providing you with a safe environment to return to comfortably 


Will you be returning to an ergonomic office?  

What we’ve learnt about working from home is that ergonomics is important. In fact, most of us started feeling the effects of poor ergonomics within the first few months of working from home (cue back, neck and shoulder pain!). 

So, before you return to the office, it’s important to make sure your office features the latest in ergonomic furniture design and innovation to maximise your productivity, efficiency and comfort. 

But beware, there’s a lot of office chairs on the market claiming to be ergonomic office chairs. For trusted and authentic ergonomic office chairs, Sylex Ergonomics is where to look. Plus, we have an unbeatable 10-year warranty so you can rest assured that you're getting the best quality in workplace ergonomic desks, chairs and other furniture. 


Do you have an ergonomic home office?  

You’re probably realising that the cheap ‘ergonomic office chair’ you bought when you first started working from home didn’t offer you much support.  

If your home office isn’t set up with an ergonomic office desk and ergonomic office chair then you probably shouldn’t continue working from home unless you upgrade your home office. To help you build an ergonomic home office that won’t break your back, or bank, Sylex have taken the liberty of putting together Work from Home Packages filled with ergonomic desks, office chairs and accessories. 

Once you have your home office set up and tailored to your individual needs, you could take your boss up on their offer to continue working from home.  

Are you more productive in your home office or company office?  

You should return to the office where you’re most productive. Whether it’s at home, or the company office, it’s important to determine where you’re most productive.  

Your level of productivity can fluctuate based on several variables from the number of distractions in either workplace to the ergonomic furniture that you’re using. If you’re more productive in the office, consider what makes you more productive. Is it the ergonomic furniture you have available at work, or the quieter atmosphere? And, can you create this productive environment yourself?  


Wherever you choose to work, make sure your office space is working for you. Sylex Ergonomics can help you configure a work environment that improves your overall comfort and productivity with genuine, ergonomic furniture. 

Contact our team and speak to a specialist today! 

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