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Change up the layout of your workplace with desk dividers and partition screensDesk dividers and partition screens are screens that can either mount to your office desk to divide shared desks or add privacy. Or partitions that can be mounted on a castor or leg base to create temporary walls to divide your office space. 

In open-plan office spaces, desk dividers and office partitions are ideal for: 

  • Giving staff privacy 
  • Preventing the spread of germs 
  • Easy installation 
  • Reconfiguring your office space 
  • Reducing office distractions 


Desk dividers can give staff privacy. 

By transforming shared desks into individual cubicles, desk dividers can give staff privacy whilst they work. Frostedacrylic desk dividers, like the Ice Screen Desk Partition, divide desk space to allow staff to work within their designated space, without the prying eyes of their colleagues. 

If your workplace deals with sensitive or confidential information, desk dividers can provide additional security, particularly if you are working within an open plan office space. 

These desk dividers also give staff more control over their personal belongings and space to allow them to organise their workspace to best suit their needs, whilst helping them work independently and comfortably in their office.  

Desk dividers prevent the spread of germs

In the New Workplacegiving your colleagues their own cubicles mean they can keep their germs to themselves, helping you stop the spread of infections in your office. Acrylic screens and desk dividers, whilst still allowing for seamless communication, provides a protective barrier to allow staff to feel safer and more comfortable at work. 

By acting as a social distancing reminder, desk dividers can help prevent staff from mingling too closely to maintain a healthy physical distance. By providing a physical barrier between staff, desk dividers also help prevent colleagues from sharing their belongings, helping to reduce the spread of germs in the office.  


Desk dividers easy to install

Desk dividers are much more effective and efficient way to reconfigure your office space than purchasing individual desks.  

With desk partitions, you can quickly and simply install the screens onto your existing desk or extend your exisiting desk partitions, without the assistance of a tradesperson or installer 


Office partitions allow you to easily reconfigure office space

Floor standing office partitions allow you to divide your open office plan into individual rooms to offer privacy whilst also being effective in noise reduction. These kinds of office partitions offer a flexible and easily changeable screening system that allows you to customise your office to suit your immediate needs. 

Partition screens and office partitions like the floor standing E-Screens or the Great Divider, allows you to reconfigure and reorganise the entire layout of your office, without permanent reconstruction. Since these office partitions are temporary, you can continue to change the layout of your office space as your needs change 

Whether you take on more staff and require more individual office spaces, or you downsize and choose to create large office spaces, office partitions can quickly adapt to your agile environment. 


Desk dividers and desk partitions can reduce office distractions

Some office partitions and desk dividers can reduce noise and block visuals on the surrounding office activities, making it easier for you to focus on your work.  

As we mentioned earlier, desk dividers and office partitions are effective in giving staff more privacy. This added privacy means colleagues are less inclined to interrupt or enter another staff members designated workspace, preventing them from distracting staff whilst they work and helping them stay on task 


Desk dividers and partition screens are an effective way to utilise and modify your office space, for a significantly reduced cost when compared to permanent reconstruction and/or re-fitting out your office with new office furniture. For a specialised range of products designed to create a safe and healthy workplace and office environment, visit New Workplace.

Contact our team of ergonomic specialists today and give your staff the space they need to work independently, comfortably, and productively in the workplace

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