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Arise Basix 2 Stage Rectangle Desk


Arise Basix 2 Stage Rectangle Desk


  • Dual linear actuators.
  • Impeccable protection software, including automatic fault detection
  • Sedentary alert.
  • Constant speed control.
  • Reliable control system, 100% aging test qualified.
  • With 3 pre-set heights memory control box


  • Table size: 1200x600mm, 1400x700mm,1600x800mm and 1800x800mm.
  • Motor: Dual motors Loading: 125kg
  • Stroke: 480mm(725~1205mm)
  • Lifting speed: 22mm/s
  • Noise: <50dB
  • Surge Immunity: 1 kV(L 1 to L2) / 2kV(L 1,L2 to PE)
  • ESD protection: ±4.0kV(Conducted discharge)/±8.0kV(Air discharge)