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Interdesk Acrylic Screens


The move towards collaborative and compact team based desking has been relentless over the last few years, but that same closeness is now being seen as a liability. People are nervous about being too close.

Interdesk screens provide a sensible and easy solution to getting your team back to work. They provide a physical barrier but still retain peripheral visual contact. They also act as a reminder to not share equipment and allow workers to feel more at ease in the new workplace.

Rounded corners and smoothed edges make this a safe choice. They come in robust 8mm OR 5mm thickness and are sturdy enough to be free-standing with only a single clamp for support. They are 500 mm high and come in a range of depths or can be customised to suit.

FDACR0605 ACRYLIC SCREEN 600 x 500 x 8 (mm) CLEAR

FDACR0705 ACRYLIC SCREEN 700 x 500 x 8 (mm) CLEAR

FDACR0805 ACRYLIC SCREEN 800 x 500 x 8 (mm) CLEAR

FDACR1205 ACRYLIC SCREEN 1200 X 500 X 5 (mm) CLEAR

FDAC14805 ACRYLIC SCREEN 1400 X 500 X 5 (mm) CLEAR

FDAC15805 ACRYLIC SCREEN 1500 X 500 X 5 (mm) CLEAR

FDAC16805 ACRYLIC SCREEN 1600 X 500 X 5 (mm) CLEAR

FDAC18805 ACRYLIC SCREEN 1800 X 500 X 5 (mm) CLEAR

FDAC20805 ACRYLIC SCREEN 2000 X 500 X 5 (mm) CLEAR