ISO Study Carrel


The landscape of the workforce in recent years has been all about collaboration and team building, but that environment is now making colleagues more conscious about close contacts and the spread of diseases.

Study carrels have been used in workspaces for many years to avoid distractions and provide a private semi-enclosed workspace and now may be the time for them to make an appearance in the new workplace. The new Iso-study Carrel is a simple clever solution which is low cost and very space-efficient. It provides a compact corner workspace which is ergonomically designed to put everything within close hand reach.

Iso-study Carrels work best when they work together, either in straight lines or in nests of 4. The backboard of one unit forms part of the enclosure of the unit beside it, nothing is wasted.

Each Carrel comes equipped with 2 x 60mm cable ports in the top and side to allow easy cabling to or between units. Cables are neatly held off the ground.

Iso-study carrels form air pockets away from and below the height of the breathing stream of passing colleagues, providing an effective barrier against coughs & sneezes.

There is an optional stick-on pinboard in dark grey recyclable PET 700mm x 400mm x 9mm with radius corners. Order separately.

Each carrel measure 800mmx 800mm and is 1200mm high. They come standard in neutral Oyster Grey with matching edge strip.