The easiest Sit-stand Upgrade on the market.

Many organisations report that having installed sit-stand upgrades in their office that users are employing the ability to change work postures too infrequently or sometimes not at all.

Some users are a little daunted by having to lift and control computer equipment on a manually operated sit-stand upgrade.Research shows that the more simple and obvious is the operation the more likely it is that users will change postures...the point of having sit-stand adjustability. It's the regular change in postures which brings the most health benefits to users

 The New Stand Easy Mk2 is a simple electric powered desk upgrade to turn your existing desk into a stable sit-stand workstation and one that can be confidently used by everyone who knows how to push a button.


  • Takes up minimal desktop space ( 600 wide x 500 deep), 
  • Much more compact than other sit-stand upgrades
  • Wide keyboard tray (680 mm x 220mm) accommodates keyboard and mouse either left or right handed
  • Silent operation.
  • Simple push button up/down controls require no lifting or pressing down
  • Can be operated confidently by anyone in the office
  • Quick to adjust between sitting and standing postures at 35mm/sec
  • Suits both a single monitor mounted centrally or double monitors on an extension arm
  • With a load capacity of 50kgs the Stand Easy Mk2 suits all normal office monitors 
  • Does not require counterbalancing
  • Stops at any position ( no stoppers), meaning it can be set to just the right height for everyone