Standfirm Keyboard Platform


STANDFIRM keyboard platform

The new Standfirm keyboard platform could be the simplest and most effective sit/stand solution you have ever tried. Standfirm simply attaches to the underside of almost any desk and upgrades your existing desk into a true ergonomic work space.

By separately adjusting monitor and keyboard positions you are able to get into a comfortable, healthy and ergonomically correct position which is ideally suited just for you.

The revolutionary design is ideal for both above and below desk height adjustment. It can simultaneously correct a too high desk position while seated and then quickly adjust above desk level to provide the option of standing while keying.

It provides a firm secure typing surface which will not bounce and jiggle as combined monitor and keyboard arms do and allows separate adjustments to optimise your best posture and deliver the health benefits of changing working positions throughout the day.

Talk to our certified ergonomics specialists to see if the Standfirm is the right sit/stand solution for you.

Height Adjustment: 7 Inches Up, 5.5 Inches Down.
Lift and Release Adjustment.
Tilt Set Positive 10 Degrees to Negative 20 Degrees.
360 Degree Swivel.
Fully Retractable , 23 InchTrack. Made of Black Powder Steel.

Keyboard Tray Features:
1/4 Inch thin phenolic allows complete knee clearance.
Tilt & swivel mouse surface w/gel pad provides infinite adjustment.
Gel palm rest (removable) for maximum ergonomic comfort.
Adjustable mouse catcher with cord manager.
Mouse platform easily mounts right or left -8.5 Inch diameter.
Keyboard Tray Dimension 19.5 Inches x 11.5 Inches.

Material : Steel & MDF
Dimension (MDF) : L721x W277.8 x H10mm
UP : 241mm
DOWN : 127mm
TOTAL : 368.3mm
REAR SWIVEL : 360 Degrees