Talk It Up Electric Sit Stand Meeting Table and frame options


Talk It Up Electric Sit Stand meeting table A revolution in meetings! No-one enjoys sitting in long meetings. Limited movement, complaints of sore back/legs and difficulty staying focused are just a few problems. The new ‘Talk-It-Up’ Electric Sit Stand meeting table from Sylex Ergonomics spells the end for long, uncomfortable, unproductive meetings. The simple push button adjustment allows meetings to be freely conducted between sitting and standing, with standing meetings being suited to shorter discussions. Standing helps to promote good posture and concentration, preventing participants from sitting back in their chairs and not contributing. Further, standing meeting tables occupy a significantly smaller office footprint. No need to leave space for chairs or chair pushbacks, typically saving up to 6M2 of office space.

  • Anti-Collision Smart Control Technology
  • Adjustment speed 36mm per second
  • Up to 3 memory positions with optional programmable control
  • White powder coated steel frame
  • Table height range from 660mm to 1160mm
  • Frame dimensions – 1800mm x 800mm